Same Sex IVF & Surrogacy For Same Sex & LGBTQ+ Couples

At CARE, we believe that family is for everyone.   

We’ve got a long history of supporting gay and lesbian couples in creating families and making dreams come true, through surrogacy and same sex IVF. 

Our dedicated teams for surrogacy, egg and sperm donation are extremely experienced in helping LGBT families every step of the way with tailored treatment plans specific to your needs. We also specialise in fertility preservation for anyone thinking about freezing eggs or sperm.

How CARE help LGBT families:

CARE has many options available depending on your needs. For more information please click on the pages below:

If you don’t yet have a sperm or egg donor, we can also help you to find your very best match.

Advice from our LGBT families

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If you think you might be interested in one of our treatments, or if you’d like to talk to someone at CARE about your options, you can

You can do all of the above through our contact form or by calling your local clinic.