Support events

Supporting you at every step of your journey.

Fertility treatment can be a daunting process, and we know that there may be things you would like to talk about with other people also going through IVF.

Our support events

Our monthly events include Online Skype Support Meetings, live online Q&As, and our 'Walk N Talk' Events.

For more information or to book your place on any of the events below, please e-mail Kelly, our CARE Support Coordinator: 

kelly-da-silva_220.jpg Kelly Da Silva

CARE Support Co-ordinator


Kelly Da Silva, our CARE Support Coordinator, facilitates our support sessions.

As a former patient, Founder of a support organisation, and a practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapist, Kelly specialises in working with people at all stages of their fertility journey, and is passionate about ensuring patients have the support they need.

CARE Online Support Meetings 7-8pm

Meet other people going through the IVF journey in the comfort of your own home and learn some useful techniques for dealing with the emotional aspects of your IVF journey. 
Each session will have a theme and input from either Kelly, our support coordinator, or guest speakers. There will be opportunities to talk about your experience, if you wish, and ask questions about dealing with the emotional and social aspects of IVF.

  • Wednesday 1st Sept @ 7pm
  • Wednesday 6th Oct @ 7pm
  • Wednesday 3rd Nov @ 7pm
  • Wednesday 1st Dec @ 7pm

CARE Walk 'n' Talk events: 11am - 1.30pm

Get your walking boots on and join us once a month for a gentle 5K CARE Walk ‘n’ Talk IVF Support Event.

Walk 'n' Talk Therapy provides a unique method of support. Instead of a formal therapy approach, these sessions are relaxed and informal, taking place whilst walking in the English countryside. This method is perfect if you want to incorporate exercise and fresh air whilst gaining support and connecting with others going through the IVF journey.

Upcoming Walk 'n' Talk events:

  • Sunday 3rd October ~ Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham  
  • Sunday 7th November ~ Calke Abbey, Derbyshire
  • Sunday 5th December ~ Regents Park, London

Support for men at CARE

Whether you have a fertility problem or are the partner of someone having treatment, we consider everyone involved with fertility treatment at CARE as one of our patients, and therefore has access to all the support we offer. We understand that men can sometimes find it more difficult to open up about their fertility, but speaking with someone about your experiences, whether a counsellor or another patient, can help you to process your emotions and find support.

  • Counselling: Male patients are welcome to have free appointments with our specialist fertility counsellors, and you can choose to speak with a counsellor alone or with your partner. Contact your local CARE clinic for more information or to book a free counselling appointment.
  • CARE Buddy: Available to all patients and partners, our CARE Buddy programme matches you with another CARE patient at a similar stage of fertility treatment so you can advise and support each other.
  • Online support events: We regularly hold male-focussed online support events, where men can ask questions and chat with others in a similar situation. You can choose to be anonymous, speaking with your camera off, or you can just listen – it’s up to you. 

Upcoming Male Focus Online Support Group events:

  • Monday 27th Sept @ 7pm
  • Monday 29th Nov @ 7pm

To book onto any of these events or to learn more about our CARE Buddy scheme, email Kelly, our 'Patient Support Coordinator'.

Other ways we can support you

There are many other ways we can support you through your fertility journey, including with our CARE Buddy system, where you can both give and receive advice from another CARE patient at a similar stage of fertility treatment, or through free appointments with CARE’s specialist fertility counsellors. We also regularly hold IVF information events, where you can ask your questions live to one of our experts.

Counselling at CARE Fertility

Could counselling be for me?

You’ll always have someone to talk to at CARE - learn more about counselling at CARE Fertility, including what to expect during an appointment.

Counselling at CARE Fertility

Supporting you

From online support events to the CARE Buddy system, there’s lots of support available - find out more about support at CARE Fertility.

If you would like more information about how we can support you during your fertility treatment, please feel free to call your local CARE team, who will happily answer any questions you have - we are always here to support, reassure and advise you.