The Art & Science of Fertility Treatment

Fertility Circle is CARE Tunbridge Wells’ face-to-face support group – whether you’re our patient or not – so you can come along and unload your experiences of fertility treatment and get some friendly advice and information. We hope we’ll be able to resume Fertility Circle soon, but for now, I hope this month’s Newsletter will give you some insights and knowledge about treatment options.

There’s an Art and a Science to delivering great patient care. CARE’s Founder, President and Head of Research & Development, Professor Simon Fishel was part of the Steptoe & Edwards team who pioneered the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) which resulted in the birth of Louise Brown in July 1978. Since then, it’s his vision of a science-led and patient-focused fertility group that defines our approach. We are proud to continue his commitment to the field of fertility research and development with our scientists, researchers and specialists to make regular contributions to the research field and support the development of our teams and the profession as a whole.

CARE’s patient-focused approach encompasses the art of listening, compassion, empathy and warmth to understand and acknowledge the setbacks that patients have encountered on their fertility journey. Responding with honesty and integrity and offering great support underpins our scientific and technical know-how to help achieve the best chances of success.

Scientific research and methodology help cut through internet babble to dispel some of the misinformation out there to help you make the best decisions about your fertility treatment. Our CARE website includes some great blogs and information about our online support groups, including our online men’s support group.

Zymot sperm selection

Recent additions to our treatments available include the ZyMöt device which can be used in the IVF laboratory to prepare and select sperm for insemination by ICSI using a new and advanced methodology of sperm preparation designed to mimic the body’s natural mode of sperm selection. This means that the ZyMöt ‘microfluidic’ sperm preparation may be of benefit to those patients that have been shown to have high levels of DNA fragmentation. DNA fragmentation can be linked to miscarriage, implantation failure and unexplained infertility. The ZyMöt device selects motile sperm with the lowest levels of DNA fragmentation with more motility, better morphology (shape) and lower levels of DNA fragmentation.

Pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A)

PGT-A testing can help identify the embryo with the best chance of developing into a baby. As we get older, there can be an increased risk that aneuploidy can occur: this is where the sperm or egg that form an embryo has fewer or more than 23 chromosomes. Because of this, the resulting embryo has too few or too many chromosomes and these embryos may fail to develop or fail to implant or implant but then miscarry. Although PGT-A testing can’t change the number of viable embryos available for transfer, by transferring only those that have the usual number of chromosomes, it can help identify the embryo with the best chance of developing into a baby. Where patients have undergone multiple rounds of IVF and with no explanation as to why treatment has failed, PGT-A testing can sometimes provide answers and help with decisions about future treatment options.

CAREmaps time-lapse embryo imaging

We also offer CAREmaps: CARE was the first UK clinic to introduce time-lapse embryo imaging, designed by our scientists to more reliably select the highest quality embryos, allowing us to see whether each embryo has a low, medium or high chance of success.

Wherever you are on your fertility journey, whether you’re just starting to think about your fertility options or have had unsuccessful treatment so far, CARE Tunbridge Wells is here to help you and support you with our specialist fertility doctors, embryologists and nurses. Our admin team are here to make you feel welcome and provide you with the information you need.

To book a 1-2-1 appointment to outline your fertility journey so far and to hear about the options available to you here at CARE Tunbridge Wells, contact our Central Bookings team on 0800 564 2270.

For information about our CARE finance packages, our CAREpay team can be contacted on 0800 033 4333 for details of our Multi-Cycle, Refund and Donor Egg IVF Refund Programmes.

With love, CARE Tunbridge Wells xx