GP & Referrer Resource for NHS Treatment

Welcome to the referrer resource page for NHS Fertility treatment. We treat thousands of NHS funded patients every year for infertility and our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to refer a patient to us for treatment.

Why CARE Fertility?

For you, the referrer, we make it easy for you to refer.  We know you already don't have enough hours in the day so we provide at least one dedicated NHS liaison manager at each of our clinics to help you with paperwork and procedures.  

For your patient, CARE Fertility are one of the most experienced fertility clinics in the world, and have the best success rates in the UK, some considerably higher than alternative facilities.  To see our latest success rates please view our dedicated success rates page.

CPD Points

As industry thought leaders, we hold regular training and information sessions for General Practitioners and Consultant referrers.  Our latest webinar 'When to Refer for Fertility Investigations' is available for you to watch online now.

We also welcome feedback as to what topic you would like us to cover next.  Please email us at with any feedback you may have.

How to refer

CARE Fertility have preferred agreements with many CCGs across the country to provide NHS services, however you can of course still refer to us in regions where such agreements are not currently in place.  If they qualify for NHS funded treatment, your patient can choose where they want to have their fertility treatment provided they can give good reason as to why.

This can simply be;

  • The CARE clinic has better results than the alternative treatment provider offered.
  • The CARE clinic is closer to the patient's home address / more convenient.
  • The CARE clinic is able to offer specialised treatment not offered at an alternative treatment provider.

If your patient wishes to have their treatment at a CARE clinic, or you want to refer them to us, you are able to do so, provided you have confirmed they meet funding criteria.

We have dedicated NHS Liaison teams in each of our CARE clinics, who will be able to assist you with this process.  To find out who to contact, locate your nearest CARE clinic by selecting from the below.


Funding Criteria, Treatments & Clinic Contacts

NHS Fertility Treatment funding criteria differs between CCGs.  To assist you to locate your nearest CARE clinic, we have provided a dedicated resource by region. Visit the information page for that clinic to view specific funding criteria, treatments and CARE Fertility contacts.


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